Mzumbe University Admissions 2017 / 2018

By | August 10, 2016

21 thoughts on “Mzumbe University Admissions 2017 / 2018

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  11. Eliud Simeo

    I applied to this universty for the year of admision 2017/18 bt unfortunately I forgoten my password and username how can I be helped ? Or is there any altenartive way of getting information when you will display then names of degree holder who have choosen to join Mzumbe Universty 2017/18?

    1. Post author

      Yes Simeo, the list of Mzumbe University selected Candidates / Applicants will be published on this website, check back for your name. You can also contact the Mzumbe University Admissions office for replacement of your username and password.

  12. Augustino

    Hello, I’ve recently graduated from IAA and results will be out within the next 3 weeks, am a holder of ordinary diploma and i wish to join mzumbe university specifically main campus located at morogoro. now, within the next 3 weeks will i be allowed to start my application given the time frame made by the university for application OR am i already too late? i would appreciate any advice further provided to me. Thanks in advance

  13. Happyness

    hey i have been applied for the diploma in law at mbeya campus college since july and havent got any news till today 5th of october i have been waiting a lot what is the problem why arent they posting any names of selected applicants for the year 2017/2018 of diploma while the names of degrees came early whats wrong?

  14. Gamu Kimollo

    For those not selected i heard there is reapplication process, is this information true? if yes what is deadline?

  15. Nuru juma

    I sent my confirmation how can know that u accept to join at mzumbe?

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